Important information regarding third-party payment providers

Payment options

Choose from a variety of payment types.

Automated payments

It's the easy, carefree way to make your monthly payments. Contact us for the set-up form to provide to your bank at 877-701-1212.


Make your Prime Rate payment at one of 30,000 nationwide locations, including Walmart and CVS.  In order to make your payment, you will need Prime Rate’s receiver code – 6991, our name, city and state (Prime Rate, Florence, South Carolina) — and your Prime Rate account number.

Third-party fees apply.


Log in to our website to make your Prime Rate payment by clicking on the Payment feature. You will be transferred to the ePayPolicy website to make your payment by either check or credit card.


To make payments by mail, send your payment to:

Prime Rate Premium Finance Corporation
PO Box 580016
Charlotte, NC 28258-0016

Please include your account number on your check and don't mail cash.

Wire transfer

Call our office at 877-701-1212 for instructions.

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